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Windows is a series of abstract works based on the Microsoft graphical user interface of the same name. They’re made by taking older digital artworks, extruding them into a third dimension then stretching and warping them into new forms. These forms are then layered on top of each other like windows. The resulting image objects have a perceptible material presence.

Screen objects are not separate from the material world, they have materiality in their code. The dichotomy between the physical and digital is a false one. Computers represent material reality in different ways and we see differently as a result.

Screens displaying these objects are a kind of window, conditioning our perception through carefully designed systems of representation. 
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There is also an extension of the series titled ‘OS’. 
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‘The phone in your pocket is a CAD file, as is the toothbrush sitting on your bathroom counter. The same file can be output as a visual image or physical object; it is at once both together. These image objects shape the conditions of possibility for the ways we have come to design our world.’

Jacob Gaboury

Image Objects, MIT Press


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