‘UI’ is a series of animated artworks based on the concept of user interface. The choice of flashing neon colours resembles a never-ending videogame level or market chart. The compositions feature numerous arrows and other forms directing eyes around the work.

The series is an exploration of how we see in digital environments. These artworks deliver a stream of continuous, pulsing dopamine hits, like staring at market interfaces or social media feeds. Despite all this visual stimulus, some glimpses of recognisable forms can emerge. The uncanny experience of catching a glimpse of something recognisable in a fast moving digital context is explored. 

The varied 2D source imagery for this series has been extruded into a third dimension, modified and reorganised. Some image objects are processed multiple times with different procedures, resulting in many disparate forms from the sources.

The resulting artworks are slot machines with an unknown payout, but also simple digital light and colour.
UI on SuperRare