How does the market affect the way we see art? Does the sale price of an NFT change our perception of it? In GOLD, market behaviour is represented in the artworks in real time. 

GOLD is a dynamic blockchain art series where the artworks change in response to the series’ own live market activity. The actions of GOLD collectors are part of this ever-changing artwork, where prices, levels of activity and on-chain provenance define the art itself.

From a sale to a listing, from the amount of time an artwork is held to whether it has recently been flipped, all this data is recorded by the contract and reflected live in each GOLD piece.

The series is 100% on-chain – the artworks are composed and rendered directly from the blockchain – with live data streamed from an Ethereum node.
More about GOLD

GOLD is made up of hundreds of artistic elements. These picture parts include scenes and figures, colours, times of day and abstract forms. All these separate digital glimpses are brought together dynamically according to the market and its actors. Are you looking at the art or the market?

Collectors can change the appearance of a piece they own, and the entire GOLD series, through their on-chain behaviour. Their actions can add new visual traits to their GOLD pieces and even increase their rarity.

GOLD is an artistic exploration of NFT market behaviour. It explores how we see in digital environments, and how market networks influence how we see. The full spectrum of possibilities for GOLD will take years to reveal.

‘The art market, apart from performing allocative functions, is a definitional mechanism, where the proper identity of an artwork - commodity versus cultural good - is permanently under dispute’

Olav Velthuis
Talking Prices

‘Is this an elaborate reward system? A challenge or a trick. A test of patience?
Or a mirror held up. Is the gamification of art taking it to the next level here?’

Anika Meier
Is GOLD an Elaborate Reward System?