James Bloom is a London-based artist who makes perpetually-changing digital artworks which mimic and reflect on the behaviour of the networks in which they are based, in particular blockchains. Using visual material found across the internet, he performs processes of degeneration until the images meet an inflection point. By making this imagery contingent on live dynamic data updates and viewer interactions, he reveals instances of our problematic relationship to these networks.

His series ‘BURNER’ explores the idea of constant impermanence and the disappearance of the present moment due to the perpetual flow of new information in the blockchain. His ‘GOLD’ series engages critically with the NFT art market by tracking its collectors’ behaviour and changing the pieces they own in real time, so their market activity is represented abstractly inside the frame.

He has had an abstract digital practice for over a decade and has exhibited at The Wrong Biennale, Art Basel and W1 Curates among others. His works have been shown in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Dubai and Singapore.