James Bloom is a London-based artist whose work combines conceptual digital abstraction with original innovations in blockchain code. Working deliberately with the dopamine-triggering colours and movement of videogames and market interfaces, he creates modified digital images that examine themes around the fetishisation of digital technology, the splintering of identity online and the influence of network systems on perception.

His series ‘BURNER’ explores the idea of constant impermanence and the disappearance of the present moment due to the perpetual flow of new information in digital networks. His ‘GOLD’ series engages critically with the NFT art market by tracking its collectors’ behaviour and changing the artworks in real time, so market activity is represented inside the artworks themselves. 

He has had an abstract digital practice for over a decade, exhibiting at Galerie Kornfeld, Expanded Art, Art Basel and Sotheby’s New York. His film works have been shown at Berlin, Edinburgh and Jakarta film festivals among others. He is also a Creative Director, creating films and interactive experiences for leading brands, awarded at D&AD, One Show and Cannes Lions.