BURNER #10: live dynamic view

BURNER is a series of artworks that change in response to live blockchain data. All 256 pieces are interconnected and all are dependent on the live state of Ethereum. As network usage increases,  increasing gas prices as a result, a more forceful artwork develops.

BURNER dynamically reacts to human activity on the blockchain. It harnesses network processes to create a neverending stream of dopamine-triggering visual stimulation. It also demonstrates disappearing states, the burning away of moments in time.

The disappearance of the current moment is a common experience. Its replacement with moments yet-to-come is now anticipated in our screen lives. We fetishise digital images and networked markets, which in turn are designed to keep us hooked. 

Ethereum gas prices are made from the competing desires, intentions and beliefs of millions of entities. Digital transactions create overwhelming amounts of this information in block time, cyclically revealing fresh states. Likewise BURNER is never finished, there's always a new variant.

Taking found imagery of real gas and digitally processing to the point where the original forms break down, BURNER pictures an unending network process we participate in but which escapes immediate comprehension. 
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‘The Stack is an accidental megastructure, one that we are building both deliberately and unwittingly is in turn building us in its own image. This planetary-scale computing infrastructure… is powerful and dangerous, both remedy and poison, a utopian and dystopian machine at once.’

Benjamin H Bratton

The Stack, MIT Press

‘Every block is an update of information. A database forever expanding and reacting in coordination to things happening inside and outside of [the Ethereum Virtual Machine]. The more we ask it things, the more it amasses information on us. Does it understand us? Can it speak back?
We look at it, but does it look back at us? Does it shape us as we shape it?’

Loucas Braconnier
Essay on BURNER


GOLD is a collection that changes dynamically in response to the series’ own live NFT market activity. The actions of GOLD collectors are part of this ever-changing artwork, where prices, levels of activity and on-chain provenance define the art itself.

How does the market affect the way we see art? Does the sale price of an NFT change our perception of it? In GOLD, market factors literally influence the composition and imagery, with the market appearing inside the frame itself.

From a sale to a listing, from the amount of time an artwork is held to whether it has recently been flipped, all this data is recorded by the contract and reflected live in each GOLD piece.

GOLD is a critical exploration of NFT art market behaviour. It also explores how we see in digital environments, and how market networks influence how we see.
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GOLD is made up of hundreds of artistic elements. These picture parts include scenes and figures, icons, symbols and abstract forms. All these separate digital pieces are brought together dynamically according to the market and its actors. Are you viewing an artwork or its market?

Collectors can change the appearance of a piece they own, and the entire GOLD series, through their on-chain behaviour. Their actions can add new visual traits to their GOLD pieces and even increase their rarity.

The series is 100% on-chain – the artworks are composed and rendered directly from the blockchain – with live data streamed from an Ethereum node. The full spectrum of possibilities in GOLD will take years to reveal.

‘Is this an elaborate reward system? A challenge or a trick. A test of patience? Or a mirror held up.
Is the gamification of art taking it to the next level here?

Anika Meier

On Optimism and Market Art

digital paintings

‘Digital painting 05’

‘Digital painting 01’

‘Digital painting 08’

‘Digital paintings’ are a series of abstract painterly artworks made entirely from web clipart images of brushstrokes, paint splatters and spray marks. These found elements are arranged into abstract compositions, exploring gesture and expression, but with source imagery usually used for website design and online marketing.

Velvety, dynamic paint splashes. Spray marks like urban graffiti. Varied aesthetic treatments of paint, each with their own cultural associations, are combined as layers and presented in a loose compositional unity. 

The series explores themes around art and artifice in a digital visual landscape, where appearances can be deceptive. Containing no original brushstrokes, the artworks are still capable of conveying some form of personal expression.
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‘Digital painting 02’ and ‘Digital painting 06’


As much as decentralised blockchains such as Bitcoin offer freedom, they also come with conditions and structures of control. RECALL is a series of dynamic artworks that also have conditionality built in.

Adapting visual cues from the utopian forms of modernism and futurism, this series connects them directly to the blockchain. The 77 dynamic artworks react to live Bitcoin mempool data, altering their composition in response. They change constantly and evolve over long periods of block time.

The mempool is a waiting room for Bitcoin transactions, an in-between state where every send, buy or sell is held temporarily in memory. The pool grows as activity increases on the blockchain, it shrinks as relative demand decreases.

Although RECALL reacts to mempool data as it happens, to see more changes, the artwork must be left open. Some changes happen after one block, others take hundreds or thousands of blocks to emerge. RECALL must be kept running to see them.

All the imagery is derived from a single directional arrow. The geometry of this shape is warped and distorted many times, until the original takes on other forms.

Every change in RECALL is subjective. Changes are measured relative to blockchain conditions at the time the viewer opened the piece. Restarting the artwork means restarting the process.

RECALL sustains a constant in-between state, like the mempool. There is no final or fixed form for the artworks. As long as there are transactions waiting to be processed, the artwork will continue to develop.

The artworks are dynamic ordinals, 100% on-chain on Bitcoin with no external dependencies.
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‘Speed now illuminates reality whereas light once gave objects of the world their shape.’

Paul Virilio
The Administration of Fear